CMS Main Features
Shopping Cart
Advanced e-commerce tools with multiple shopping cart formats, wholesale pricing, affiliate program, gift certificates, online coupons, inventory management, import & export functionality for external management.
Secure Reports & Invoices
Secure server account provides searchable invoices, sales records and reports. Manage e-commerce and credit card processing and secure data forms. Collect credit cards with secure gateway access.
Photo Gallery
Bulk upload images and display as an album or catalog. Create descriptions and categories for enhanced viewing.
Website Specialty Programs
A full suite of specialty web programs including a classified system, car dealer inventory management, site search, affiliate marketing datafeed store, web polls, guestbook and more.
Search Engine Submission
Automated search engine submission insures that every website gets the higest possible search engine placement. Set your preferred keywords and let e-submitter 2.0 work around the clock for you.
Slideshows & Animations
Simple to use slideshows and animation tools. Create animated presentations and displays of photos.
e-Mail Management
Manage e-Mail addresses for up to 100 accounts. Update, redirect, add new and remove accounts in real time.
Web Tools
Tools from simple page editing to advanced image mapping. Manage photos, add photos, programs and features.
Website Analytics
Full reports on web traffic, bot activity, referring pages and hacking attempts. Manage advertising with web tracking and impression details.
Message Boards & Forums
Add a message board, blog style forums and create threaded discussions.
Installed Widgets
Full widget library with calculators, clocks, cursor effects, gadgets and games.
Web Forms
Build forms to collect data, get feedback or make service inquiries. Both simple website forms and secure encrypted forms are included.
Fully editable web calendar to show events, bookings, availability or schedules.
Address Book
Keep online records of clients, addresses and contact information so you can quickly access it at any time from any location.

Professional Approved

e-Pannel more closely resembles the "Professional Tools" used by top webdevelopers and webmasters than any other we CMS available. The advanced features allow even the most advanced users edit style sheets, create menu includes, image maps or complete website templates drawing from teh program's data output.

While advanced users can have a great impact on design and the final appearance of a website it is the site owner that gets the biggest benefit from being able to manage their own content, sales and online presence without the aid of a web developer.

Some developers resist using e-Panel because they see it as a step to eliminating the need for their services. It is just the opposit. It allows developers to be developers and not spend countless hours doing data entry or writing page text that can be easily managed by less qualified people.

ePannel provides tools that anyone can use and advanced tools that only a developer could understand. The focus is to make the process simple to understand and give the business owner more control that traditionally available.

Unlike other CMS systems, e-panel is geared for the end user rather than the developer. This focus makes the interface simple and easy to understand which makes building a website seem simple but extremely advanced tools lie cleverly hidden for webmasters and developers to access with ease.

Award Winning
Over the fisrt decade of operation has received countless awards from webmaster associations, website hosting organizations, business associations and independent companies. But none mean more that the thousands of satisfied customers that have built online businesses from the ground up using the e-commerce website management system. have provided credit card processing services since 1997 processing millions of transactions for millions of end users. While our brand is little known by the average user because of the private labeling programs offered to ISP's and website hosting companies our presence on teh web is diverse and established.

Commercial Tested
The e-Panel system has been benchmarked at over 15,000 simultaneous users on a single PC and tested in live network applications for over 10 years by tens of milions of users. This makes the e-Panel suite the most reliable and stable website management platform available in todays website hosting market.
If you own or manage an ISP with more than 10,000 users and are interested in exploring e-Panel as a management system for your websites and data you can contact us by e-mail to set up an appointment with one of our sales people.

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