Network Operations
The network works in conjunction with independant website hosting companies to provide site building and management tools to the website owners and webmasters.

Websites are hosted on remote servers maintained by the independant hosting companies. The website hosting clients use the e-commerce network to build and manage their websites and maintain real time data backups. The e-commerce network also provides credit card processing and secure server services as part of the e-Panel suite of programs.

Programs run from the web servers with local data. All data and page changes are done in the central NAS servers at and transferred to the local servers at the website hosting companies in real time. This prevents any lag time in data throughput required to transverse multiple networks.

As changes occur on the main websites data is sent to the e-commerce NAS to be updated. Changes in the reverse direction would include posts to forums, blogs, guestbooks or other programs that have direct page optputs.

Increased Performance
A significant advantage of using e-commerce as the sitebuilder for websites is available system resources. The server loads are greatly reduced with all site builder functions managed in the central network and not directly on the websites under heavy traffic loads. The performance gains are enhanced by the streemlined programming that provides e-commerce functions on the main websites. Further setting limits on database sizes and delivery rates no program can consume excessive resources which would otherwise cause delays in page loads or program functions.

While an independant hosting provider can have just one basic PC with minimal resources, the potentail of that server is expanded greatly once plugged into the e-commerce network. By sharing hard drive space and CPU resources with the central network the hosting clients get unprecedented perfomance and reliability.

Failover Servers
All independant servers are monitored from the cental network and failed servers are quickly rebuilt in a smooth automated process on spare servers at the independent website hosting companies datacenter from the e-commerce NAS backup data. This process bypasses the need for local backups and storage servers decreasing the operational costs and labor needed to provide a quality hosting service.
Domain Name Servers
All DNS services are provided by the e-commerce network. Through and all mail and server records are maintained. This is another service that the website hosting provider does not have to maintain. By using a cental DNS system all records can be maintained automatically and modified as needed by the website hosting clients. If records are maintained at external DNS providers then would not have the ability to make updates and control network flows in an efficient manner. While it is not a required element for hosting providers to use our network name servers it is preferred.
Data Redundancy
Since all data is stored at the remote dataceter and the e-commerce datacenter all data is redundant in multiple locations making the likelyhood of any data loss near impossible. Independant datacenters can also use local clusters to run websites that need more resources than a single server can provide which even furthers the redundancy and performance of the websites.

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