If you are considering an e-commerce product as an ISP or and end user you can take a tour of our services and products by using one of our active online demos.

e-Panel Site Builder and Website Management System

Our most popular product is our site builder platform. With a fully functional shopping cart, affiliate sales and tracking, shipping management and rates all on top of an online page management system. Easy to use browser based software allows any one to manage their site at any time from any computer. No files to save, no software to install and no backup worries.

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Credit Card Processing Gateway

Plans start as basic as a single dedicated server which can process up to 50,000 transactions daily without any strain on the network. Processing accounts are generally retailed at $20 - $50 per user and or 1% to 3% of the transactions. The basic solution would normally accomodate 10,000 website hosting customers while larger server clusters are used for increased traffic capabilities.

Regardless of the size of the solution the user interface is the same as well as the tools available. We do not hve a demo for the single user systems for shopping website due to the large amount of customization that generally accompanies those accounts.

Credit Card Processing Demo | Customer Interface Demo

Hosting Company Administrative Tools*

*Our hosting solution is capable of managing 1million+ websites and the tools to handle high volume are extensive and complicated. For that reason we do not offer an open demo but will provide access to anyone seriously interested in purchasing one of our hosting packages starting at under $5000.00 a month for entry level clients.

Automated signups, billing and website management make managing thousands of clients easy and productive. Concentrate on client support as our network and software systems take care of daily tasks, notifications and network security.

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