e-commerce-inc.com has been processing credit card transactions online for over a decade. We were building secure interfaces for shopping websites when people did not even know what it meant to be online.

It is not a game, this is not play money we are handling. There are real security issues online and business needs solid and reliable solutions that their customers trust. Todays shopper expects more in the line of security and professionalism.

We have processed millions and millions of credit cards and securely stored invoice data and personal records for countless companies.

Today with a multi billion dollar online shopping base, e-commerce services are at the top of almost every business's shopping list. While online shopping solutions are relatively abundant, the choice of good solutions in considerably less and most are beyond the average small business budget.

e-commerce-inc.com provides full solutions to Internet Service Providers and website hosting companies. Our software systems can support up to several million users in a single network and are very affordable with an entry level system starting at just under $25,000.00.

By leasing secure systems to larger users we can provide the highest level of secure processing and data storage to a large number of clients at an affordable cost.

Since most small businesses don't have $25,000.00 available for a basic shopping system, our company gives the major web hosting companies the ability to provide each of their clients secure services for just a few dollars each. Professional website hosting companies understand that they do not specialize in processing credit cards and providing secure database solutions and their severe lack of exprience could jepordize client data and customer expectations.

By using a more exerienced company for secure services, their customers have an assurance that their shopping systems will function at the higest level of efficientcy and security.

The worst cases are businesses that try to set up their own processing system on shared servers that expose data to an entire network. A big percentage of credit card fraud can be traced back to those shabby set ups.

Our company provides remote services on a network isolated from the website hosting company, so the highest level of security can be provided. Even with a website failure the actual customer data is located offsite at another datacenter altogether.

It is the best of the best with all the bells and wistles that the major e-tailers have but at an affordable level for the averge website hosting client.

We do not offer support to the end users of any of our software systems. We only support the website hosting companies, their developers and their support staff. Our contact details remain hidden in the main client login areas to avoid direct contact with the actual end users, being their personal clients. If you run a website hosting company and are interested in providing secure processing services or website management tools for your clients, e-mail our sales department at sales@e-commerce-inc.com to schedule a meeting with one of our representatives.

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